Achieve Optimal Efficiency and ROI

Virtualization allows businesses to achieve greater agility, scalability, and cost efficiency while downsizing their technology infrastructure.  Our expert technicians can make the most of your technology by enabling your servers to multitask and run multiple operating systems and applications, expanding server usage for optimal efficiency and ROI.

We offer a variety of virtualization solutions that are ideal for both enterprise and SMB clients. Our solutions:

  • Allow IT staff and employees anywhere, anytime access on any device to resources
  • Offer desktop virtualization, workspace virtualization, network virtualization, and IT task virtualization
  • Leverage partnerships with companies like VMWare, Citrix, IBM, and Symantec

Benefits of Virtualization Services

When it comes to desktops, servers, and cloud services, Virtualization allows for:

  • Minimized capital and operational expenses (reduced hardware costs)
  • Decreased downtime
  • Streamlined IT processes
  • Quicker application and resource availability, allowing for faster provisioning of applications and resources
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery support

Blue Wave Micro Virtualization Services

Blue Wave Micro supports business owners who require virtualization to increase the utilization and flexibility of their computing resources. It has proven to be a cost-effective, hardware-reducing, and energy-saving practice.

For companies of all sizes, Blue Wave Micro offers:

  • Support from expert technicians
  • Server consolidation
  • Cloud services
  • Desktop computer management
  • Integration of multiple operating systems and applications

Key Features of Virtualization Services

  • Increased Security: Virtualization allows users to control the execution of its programs. This prevents harmful operations from being performed, and allows resources to be hidden and/or protected from the guest. When dealing with untrusted code, Virtualization is a requirement.
  • Managed Execution: Virtualization allows for an array of possible computing scenarios. Guest programs and environments can be shared, aggregated, emulated, or isolated. The result is a customized solution for the guest that performs efficiently and effectively.
  • Portability: Portability is crucial for both hardware applications and programming applications. For hardware, portability allows for guests to be safely moved to different virtual machines. For programming, virtualization allows application components to run with a corresponding virtual machine.

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